While some listeners might be tempted to classify Randy Klein's playing as being new age (as some labeled Keith Jarrett's solo improvisations), his inventiveness and lyricism put him in the jazz camp, though he doesn't easily fit into any particular style.

...Allmusic.com -Ken Dryden


A well-thought-out and most listenable collection of original solo piano improvisations. They are basically in the New Age bag but with more variety and depth than most recordings of that genre. There’s even a bit of a jazz feel in some of the dozen tracks, and the piano sound is very natural.

...Audiophile Audition – John Henry

A master improviser and accomplished, award-winning composer, pianist Randy Klein has created a CD that takes the listener on a beautiful musical journey. Underground Romantic is a most exquisite and elegant listening experience which should be a part of all discerning music collections.

Award winning pianist/composer, Randy Klein releases a stunning solo piano recording of very unique and stunning improvisations.  His ability to create musical pieces ‘in the moment’, allow the listener to feel free and be inspired.  Previous piano solo CDs include ‘Invitation In’ and ‘Piano Christmas’.



The piano improvisations on these CDs were recorded in single sessions.   There was no overdubbing of any kind, no note fixes.   You are hearing them as I played them.   I took the liberty of editing out the performances I felt were weaker, and then sequenced them to create a flow from beginning to end. I hope you enjoy.

The music seems to blossom as the song[s] continue and the overall mood isn’t cheery or joyous, but one of hope. The pieces are more about textural changes and melodic development. The Flowing has a general glow and peacefulness that is attractive and soothing. The pieces truly flow through Klein’s fingers and the title is brought to life from the start through the final minutes of the album.

...Jazz Improv NY – Dan Bilawsky

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