Master Improvising Pianist, Composer and Sound Design

Specialists in leading-edge Multimedia Shows, VR, Light and Choreographic Performances,
3D Projection Mapping, Stage Designs and Interactive Projects.

Specialists in Sound, Lighting, Film & Projection

About Ambient Spaces

A live multimedia event featuring the marriage of sound, light and improvisation - a canvas of sound and image within a constantly evolving physical environment influenced by performers and audience.

Award Winning pianist and Steinway artist Randy Klein is a master improviser. The music he creates in site specific performances takes the listener on a journey of beauty and self discovery.

Ambient Spaces combines a beautiful resonance of sound and light transporting an audience into visceral realities embodying expressions of wonder. Imagine. You walk into a space which appears as it always has. Ignoring the walls, floors and ceiling, a beautiful resonance of sound captures you, a change of light envelops the way the space feels and your journey into an undiscovered sense of peace and beauty begins.

Ambient Spaces immerses an audience in this new and beautiful reality. It is truly a one of a kind event.

For further information about Ambient Spaces, contact Randy at randy@randyklein.com or (212) 580-9065